2020 Lotus Festival Artist Lineup

New-to-Lotus Artists

Ak Dan Gwang Chil, South Korea

Ak Dan Gwang Chil (ADG7) is a multi-award winning Korean traditional music group, featuring six Korean traditional musicians and three powerhouse female folk singers. ADG7 performs repertoire from the sacred, shamanic, and secular gut (ritual music) and minyo (folk song) traditions of the Hwanghae-do region, nowadays a western province of North Korea. Their powerful engaging performance will immerse audiences into a spiritual experience and bring blessings of positive energy originating from gut and minyo.


Asmâa Hamzaoui & Bnat Timbouktou, Morocco

Asmaa Hamzaoui is the foremost female ambassador of Gnawa music, and with her group Bnat Timbouktou, she has begun spreading her scintillating brand of evangelistic desert blues all across the world. In the fall of 2019, Asmaa & Bnat Timbouktou released the much-anticipated début album, Oulad Lghaba (Ajabu! Records); this seminal work focuses on the spiritual side of the Gnawa tradition. The songs pay homage to both the spirit world and life in Africa and reflect on the importance of us all living in harmony with nature and the consequences we face if we abuse our planet. These amazing female musicians deliver their contagious songs in their native Gnawa language. They break new ground not only in music but also in regards to speaking up for equal rights; the preservation of ancient traditions; and spiritual practices in modern-day Morocco and throughout the world.


Fanfara Station, Italy

Fanfara Station is a celebration with a brass band, an entire North African rhythm section, and contemporary electro Dance beats. It’s a dance party created live by only three musicians thanks to the use of loop stations for live over-dubbing. Fanfara Station’s stage is filled with instruments: percussion: scascika, tar, bendir, darbuka, and tabla sit next to trumpet, trombone, clarinet, and Tunisian woodwinds: nay, mizued, and zocra. Then there are dozens of wires connecting loop stations, controllers, and an array of effects pedals. A myriad of acoustic and electric sounds dialogue and sustain the voice of singer and songwriter Marzouk Mejri.


The Friel Sisters, Scotland

The Friel Sisters, Anna, Sheila, and Clare Friel are young traditional musicians born and brought up in
Glasgow, Scotland with their family roots firmly entrenched in the Donegal Gaeltacht in North West Ireland. They play a mixture of music interspersed with songs in English and Irish, many from their family
repertoire. Being siblings, they achieve a close blend on fiddle, flute, and uilleann pipes. They have released 2 albums thus far, to massive success, playing all over the world in various venues and festivals and have appeared on stage or toured with acts such as Altan, The Chieftains, Lúnasa, Sharon Shannon, The Máirtín O’Connor Trio, Cherish the Ladies and Solas. The girls have won many prestigious titles and competitions over the years, most recently Clare receiving the huge honor of TG4 Young Musician of the Year in Ireland.


Nohe & Sus Santos, Honduras/Mexico/US

Nohe & Sus Santos (Nohe and Her Saints) is a four-piece band replete with the musical vibes of Central and North America. Incorporating Alt-Rock en Espanol, Quirky Cumbia, and Pop Grooves (and beyond!), Nohe & Sus Santos delivers a Latinx vibe full of soul, passion, and a good dose of attitude, accentuated by stabbing and sensual electric guitar, supple bass, fluid percussion – and that voice! Celebrated Honduran vocalist Nohelia Sosa completes a group of fabuloso musicians that can only be described as excitingly fresh, possessing a distinctive style that is all its own.



Fierce energy, beatbox rhythms, and other-worldly harmonies: TUULETAR (Goddess of The Wind in Finnish mythology) is taking Finnish music abroad with a novel approach. The band’s virtuoso singers create a sonic landscape, where beatbox rhythms meet global influences and Finnish poetry tradition. With freshly invigorating original music, Tuuletar enchants audiences globally with their heartfelt, tribal, and captivating spirit.


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Local Artists

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