Thanks for Giving

November 21, 2018

When an organization produces an annual event known to attract thousands and thousands of music and art fans to Bloomington every September, it’s easy to forget that the very same organization is a non-profit with just five folks on staff and a ver...

First Events In New Lotus Venue

October 24, 2018

With the 25th Lotus World Music & Arts Festival resting comfortably in our rearview mirrors, we can't think of a better time to host the first-ever public events in the newly renovated Lotus venue!  Together with rock paper scissors, inc., ...

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Festival Artist Sneak Peek #4: Rio MiraNamed after the river that flows between...
Festival Sneak Peek: Blockhouse Studios Projection Mapping
Blockhouse Studios will be presenting a one of a kind display during the Lotus festival. The exhibit
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Festival Artist Sneak Peek #5: Spiro
The final sneak peek is one that I have a special attachment to. I've been a fan of the English quar
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Festival Artist Sneak Peek #2: Aynur
About 10 years ago, someone tipped me to a great music documentary about the roots music movement in
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25th Annual Lotus World Music & Arts Festival Lineup