More Lotus for more people, all year round!

For 25 years, Lotus has brought the world to our streets and our schools . . . without a permanent “home” of its own.  Until now.  In 2015, the City of Bloomington transferred to Lotus the deed to a decommissioned historic fire station located at 105 S. Rogers Street. With the funding raised from from supporters LIKE YOU, this building has been transformed into a large, inviting, and accessible venue for small concerts, after-school art programs, workshops, demonstrations, exhibits, classes, receptions, and more.  (You can explore the history of this transformation below and on our Firehouse blog.)

Thank you to everyone who supported our #MoreLotus Capital Campaign!  Your gifts — and this new space — mean expanding the Lotus audience and growing artistic programming: more Lotus, for more people, all year round. 

Gifts of $25,000+

In Loving Memory of
Lee R. Schmid

Loren and Lindsay

The Mary L. Chrastil

Gifts of $10,000 – $24,999

Miah and Jonathan Michaelsen

R. Scott and Pamela Walters

Springpoint Architects, PC

Gifts of $5,000 – $9,999

Jane Clay and
Gary Hafner

Joseph and Mariam

Joyce Splann

Katherine and
Charles Aiken

Laura Plummer and Michael Nelson

LuAnne and
Bill Holladay

The Eibling Family:
Doug, Samantha, Stephen and Nancy

Pella Window Store
Bloomington IN

Raymond Foundation

Gifts of $1,000 – $4,999

Alain Barker and Liz Rosdeitcher

Allison Stites and Richard Ham

Andy and Barbara Qualls

Bloomington Concrete Surfaces Corporation

Charlotte Zietlow

Diane Ward and Larry Phelps

In Honor of Tamara Loewenthal

In Memory of Wolfgang M.S. Loewenthal and Lisbeth Boller Loewenthal

Jason Wilber and Michelle Mattoon

Jennie and Neville Vaughan

Jillian Kinzie and Jo Throckmorton

Judy Klein and Malcolm Dalglish

Laurel Cornell and Bill White

Linda Raymond and Michael Cain

Mark Hood and Chris Haack

Nancy Shin

Patricia Muller and Jill Jolliff

Sandra Clark

Spray Foam Insulators

Tom Gallagher

Gifts of $500 – $999

Doug Wissing

Ellen Ketterson

Eric and Patricia Orth

Jan Grant and David Lawler

Josh Perry and Shelli Yoder

Kevin Montague

Lauren Bryant

Pam & Jef Davidson and Family

Patty and Danny Callison

Rita Koryan and Kaya Sahin

Rob Stone and Karen Green Stone

Sally Gaskill and Massimo Ossi

Shawn Reynolds and Pam Eddy

Storage Express

Gifts of $100 – $499

Anita and Paul Yoder
Anne Rasmussen
Beverly Colin and Mat Orrego
Bob Flynn and Yvonne Wittmann and Family
Cindy and Craig Blorstad
Deb Hutton and Sharon Yarber
Isabel and Ben Planton Planton
James and Amy Thomas
John Kennedy
Kathy and Chris Gutowsky
Kathy Avers
Keith Lyle
Landon Yoder
Laura and Anthony Hammack
Leah Shopkow
Lloyd and Beth Williams
Loraine Martin
Martha Zuppann
Merrill and Deborah Piston-Hatlen
Michael Shermis
Nancy Boatner
Oddball Fermentables
Robert and Marie Shakespeare
Robert Meitus and Carrie Newcomer
Ruth Boshkoff
Sharon McGuire
Susie and Andy Graham
Suzanne James Halvorson
Tina Jernigan
Wayne Jackson

Gifts of $1 – $99

Alan and Deb Burdette      •     Alan and Deb Burdette     •     Alan and Elaine Fass     •     Angel Rudd     •     Barbara Stutz     •     Ben Planton     •     Bev Carson     •     Brandi Host     •     Briana Lander     •     Candace Rodman     •     Carol Seaman     •     Charles Reafsnyder     •     Christina Ondrik     •     Crystal Ritter     •     Daniel Polsby     •     Donna Nosofsky     •     Duane Busick     •     Elaine Amerson     •     Elizabeth and David Plant     •     Emily Winters     •     Gary Plaford     •     Gary Staley     •     Gregory Moore     •     Jane St. John     •     Jen Staab     •    Jenni Wilkinson    •    Jennifer Bass     •     Jo Burgess    •     John Ronald     •     John Talley     •     Julian Boatner     •     Kasi Spyker-Duncan     •     Katy Pittman     •     Keegan Ramey     •     Keith Lyle     •     Kelly Kasper     •     Kelvin Boatner     •     Kimberly Gray     •      Laura and Paul Hutchison     •     Leah Peck     •     Loraine Martin     •     Marcy Wenzler     •     Marcy Wenzler     •     Mark Bender      •     Mark Bender     •    Mark Szymendera     •     Melissa Short     •    Mike Englert      •    Nancy Lethem     •     Nishanie Gunawardane     •     Paul Papier     •     Paula Fall     •     Rebecca Mankowski     •     Rhett Moore     •     Richard and Cathy Hiatt     •     Richard Linnemeier     •     Ron Eid     •     Rosalind Mark     •     Ryan Holquist     •     Sarah Baumgart     •     Shelly Hahn     •     Spencer Goehl     •     Stephanie Burks     •     Sue Aquila     •     Sunni Fass     •     Suz Frederickson     •     Suzanne Lodato     •     Ted Unwin     •     Tom Flynn     •     Tom Hickey     •     Tom Zeller     William Fatout     •     William Inlow

#MoreLotus Grantors

Many thanks to the following grantors for supporting #MoreLotus: