Friends of Lotus

Every gift counts!  When you make a donation as a Friend of Lotus, you bring the world to our community and make a difference for thousands of people — of all ages and backgrounds — who experience Lotus programs each year.

Want to make big impact during this time of a lot of uncertainty that works for your budget and schedule? Please consider joining our Encore Circle of sustaining monthly donors and help ensure consistent support for Lotus programs.

Friends of Lotus gifts support the annual operating budget that makes all Lotus initiatives possible, including Lotus Blossoms K-12 Educational Outreach, summer Visual Arts Outreach, and the Lotus World Music & Arts Festival.  Friends of Lotus may also direct gifts to the Lotus-Fitzgerald Endowment and Lee Williams Artist Fund.

Rather mail in a gift?  Our mailing address is PO Box 1667, Bloomington, IN 47402.  Checks should be made out to “Lotus Education & Arts Foundation”.

Friends of Lotus gifts come from individuals or households; if you are interested in sponsoring Lotus through your business, please click here.

Thank you to our 2020 Friends of Lotus!

We update this page once a year in January, for the prior completed fiscal year.  If you made a 2020 contribution as an individual, and do not see your name on this list, please contact us at 812-336-6599.  Looking for a list of our generous business sponsors?  Please click here.
Alan & Elaine Fass
Alexa Doutt
Allyson Triplett
Amy Lane
Anna Lynch
Anne Kostyo
Anthony Ross
Anthony DeMarco
Beth Ellis
Bill Morgan
Bill Lorton
Bob Flynn
Brad Pigott
Brandi Host
Bridget Anderson
Candace Bailey
Caroline Beebe
Carolyn Lipson-Walker
Charley Hasemann
Chuck Mobley
Cindy Beaule
Cynthia Bretheim
Dale Swisher
Dan & Beth Lodge-Rigal
Daniel Reed
David Lehman
Denise Cavanaugh
Denise Ogren
Dorothy Lenard
Duane Busick
Eliot Smith
Eliot & Pamela Smith
Elizabeth Johnson
Ellen Plummer
Ellen M Snyder
Emily Bogard
Erika Rudd
Erika Marino
Esther Smail
Faith Sheaffer-Polen
Geoff McKim
Glenn Staub
Gregory Moore
Heidi Harmon
Isabel Planton
James Stowers
James Skomp
Jamsheed Choksy
Janae Cummings
Jane Clay
Jennifer Piurek
Jennifer Riley Simone
Jerrold Stern
Jerry Stern
Jillian Kinzie
Jo Ann Main
Joe Hiland
John West
Judy Klein
Karen Conway
Kasia Rydel-Johnson
Katherine Aiken
Kathryn McManus
Katie Mysliwiec
Kay Connelly
Keith Lyle
Kyle Long
Laura Plummer
Laura Littlepage
Lauren Bryant
Leah Shopkow
LeAnn Lipe
Lemuel W. Watson
Linda and Mark Holden
Lindsay Nash
Lisa Hamilton
Lisa Meuser
Lisa Marie Napoli
Loraine Martin
LuAnne & Bill Holladay
Lydia Campbell-Maher
Maddison Miller
Marc Tschida
Margaret Sturm
Marissa Klingler
Mark Bender
Mark Hurley
Mark Trotter
Mark & Mary Clare Bauman
Marta Miller
Mary Van Kooten
Mary McCarty
Matthew Butts
Maureen Dobie
Melinda Hamilton
Melissa Robertson
Michael Shermis
Michael Litwin
Michael Jones
Michael Cassady
Michel Nahas
Nancy Shin
Nancy Goswami
Nate Johnson
Pam Thrash
Pamela Richardson
Pat & Jane Martin
Patricia Wheeler
Patrick East
Patty & Danny Callison
Paul Papier
Peg Stice
Rachel Chrastil
Richard Bloss
Robert Port
Robert & Lucy Fischman
Robert & Marie Shakespeare
Sally Gaskill
Sandra Clark
Sarah Ryterband
Sarah Baumgart
Sasha Dolgicer
Scott Burgins
Serena Loewenthal
Sheila Rosenthal
Stanley Ritchie
Steena Jimenez
Stephen Sokany
Steve Arbuckle
Sue Ellen Stancu
Sunni Fass
Susan Norton
Suzanne Halvorson
Tamara Loewenthal
Ted Unwin
The Raymond Foundation
Vicky Wesig
Wayne Jackson
Wendy Bernstein
Zac Simpkins

Lotus sincerely apologizes for any inadvertent errors or omissions.