Susan Fernandes: Space Planner Extraordinaire

We’re always blown away by the breadth of skills…and depth of generosity…among our amazing Lotus volunteer corps!  Even before the ink was dry on the agreement for the building, Susan Fernandes had already offered her talents to help our staff with space-planning for the new second-floor office spaces.  Thank you, Susan!

Susan has been a big Lotus fan since the beginning and told us she was thrilled by the chance to help with planning our new space in the firehouse.  She has been a planner in some fashion all of her working life, and holds a Masters degree in Public Affairs (Planning) from SPEA.  Now retired from IU, where she did space planning for their new and remodeled buildings, she “enjoys bringing her somewhat arcane skills to organizations she admires” (her words!).

We’ve been working with Susan since December to figure out what will move where.  Trust us, it’s harder than it looks!  We are so grateful for her time and her endless patience, and we can’t wait to bring it all to life when we migrate our offices in mid-March…

Photo: Susan Fernandes, at right, pores over scale drawings with Kristin Varella and Loraine Martin. (February 2016)

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