How did you first hear about the Lotus organization?
Originally invited by Merribeth Fender, who ran Athena, to accompany her playing and introducing instruments to kids and their families.

What initially inspired you to volunteer for our organization?
Bloomington has always been supportive of me and my music growing up, and this way I can give thanks to the town that helped me develop into the musicians I am today, and to celebrate community and culture and share that with everyone that attends!

What volunteer jobs have you performed?  
Helping and performing at Lotus Blossoms Bazaar

Which volunteer experiences have you most enjoyed? 
Lotus Blossoms Bazaar! Why? Having kids exposed to various music and culture and seeing them enjoying it!

How would you describe to a friend why they should attend or volunteer for the Lotus Festival or the Lotus Blossoms Bazaar?
Best time to be had with family and friends, an excellent experience in meeting and hearing about different cultures and music, and all the people involved are some of the best people you will ever meet.

What is your favorite Lotus moment (favorite band, street scene, etc)?
Unfortunately, I cannot recall any one favorite band or street scene, etc… but my favorite moment is when I have the opportunity to spend time at these events with my lady or other close friends where we watch and listen to great music, dance, sing, enjoying and celebrating community.

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