We are happy to welcome one new member to the Lotus team and to welcome back a returning member to the Lotus team! Adnan Javeed joins us as the new Lotus Gifts Manager and Camryn Greer is returning to the Lotus team as the new Lotus Partnerships Manager. Read on to learn more about Adnan and Camryn.

Photo of Adnan Javeed, new Lotus Gifts Manager

Adnan Javeed

Adnan is a seasoned fundraiser with more than seven years of experience in NGO management and fundraising. He is a graduate of IU O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs with a master's degree in public affairs focused on nonprofit management. Adnan is a people person who loves to build relationships and engage communities for meaningful causes. He has great taste for both Eastern and Western art and music. He is an excellent cook and loves to host people.

Photo of Camryn Greer, new Lotus Partnerships Manager

Camryn Greer

Camryn joins Lotus with an extensive background in arts-based community engagement and a wide variety of nonprofit development skills. As a mission-driven individual with a people-first philosophy, she strives to support dedicated community change-makers by connecting them to resources of all shapes and sizes with the hope of ensuring that they are able to make their visions for their communities a reality. Camryn has been working with Lotus in paid and volunteer capacities since 2018 when she moved to Bloomington to pursue her master's degrees in Arts Administration and Nonprofit Management and is thrilled to be doing this work! In her spare time, she loves spending time with her dogs, playing much too much Catan with her best friends, and creating whimsical pottery pieces on the side.

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