Meet New Executive Director Tamara Loewenthal

Tamara Loewenthal is delighted to be appointed to be the new Executive Director for the Lotus Education and Arts Foundation. In the over twenty years that Tamara has served the Lotus organization, she has had a hand in developing many of the programs that are now counted as jewels in the Lotus crown.  From visioning Lotus Blossoms outreach in her time on the Board, to formulating Festival processes and procedures, to steering the growth of the volunteer contingent, she has been a major steward of all things Lotus. With the acquisition and renovation of the new Lotus Firebay facility, she has begun the exploration of what having a permanent face in the Bloomington community will look like, reaching out to community partners to have those conversations.

Tamara’s work as a dance artist has greatly informed her desire to provide a model organization in which to present artists.  Her experience with writing grants and putting together performances, from backline to sound to actual flow of show, will be a true asset to the Lotus organization. She is excited to bring her knowledge of the world music scene to bear on all Lotus activities.  And she is grateful to her many mentors, to the hard-working staff and Board, and to the amazing volunteers she has worked with over the years, who all serve the Lotus mission with heart and soul. Tamara would also like to thank Denise Lessow for her Interim ED guidance and Sunni Fass, Lee Williams, and LuAnne Holladay for inspiration over the past twenty years.

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