Artists participating in Lotus Blossoms share their diverse musical and cultural traditions with school children, community members, and families throughout South Central Indiana. While they are here visiting, Lotus Blossoms Artists conduct workshops and perform at schools, the Lotus Firebay, and other community spaces, especially spaces that allow underserved or economically disadvantaged populations to experience world-class global music and arts programming. This year, most of the Lotus Blossoms programming will be virtual.
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Photo: Courtesy of Elida Almeida

Known for her warm and powerful voice, Cape Verdian singer-songwriter Elida Almeida has garnered acclaim throughout Africa, Europe, and North America. Almeida pairs honest lyrics about her life experiences with the Cape Verdian rhythms of batuque, coladera, and tabanka to create a poetic and highly-danceable experience. Born in 1993 in the town of Pedra Badejo, Santa Cruz, on the largest Cape Verdean island of Santiago, Elida used music to overcome what she has called a difficult childhood. According to a Vancouver Folk Music Festival biography, Elida wrote her first song, which spoke of sorrow but also reflected her soaring hopes and dreams, while still in high school. Elida’s first album, Ora doci Ora margos (Sweet Times Bitter Times), is based on the singer’s early life and the sweet and bitter experiences that shaped who she is as an artist today.

Photo: Courtesy Vox Sambou

Vox Sambou is an MC, poet, and multilingual performer who writes and performs in Creole, French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. He comes from Limbé, Haiti, and is a founding member of Montreal-based hip-hop collective, Nomadic Massive. A Haitian-Canadian, his music focuses on the traditional rhythms of Haiti mixed with elements of Afrobeat, jazz, reggae, and hip-hop. Vox’s artistry is influenced by a strong commitment to calling out injustices and social imbalances. His message is one of great positivity that not only reflects the realities of life in Montreal as a Caribbean immigrant, but also the relationship between artists in the Americas. Vox is the recipient of two awards from the All African Music Awards for music collaborations with artists like Afrotronix, a Lotus World Music Festival artist in 2019.

Photo: Courtesy Yungchen

Born and raised in Lhasa, Tibet, singer-songwriter Yungchen Lhamo is known for her mesmerizing music that combines traditional Buddhist chant with her ethereal voice and unique compositions. Yungchen, whose name means goddess of melody and song, won the Australian Recording Industry Award for best world album in 1995 for her debut album, Tibetan Prayer. Yungchen has performed all over the world and has shared stages with Phillip Glass, Sir Paul McCartney, Annie Lennox, Lou Reed, and many others. In 2004, Yungchen established a foundation that inspires, improves, and empowers the lives of women, children, and those experiencing homelessness in Tibet.

Photo: Courtesy Violet Duncan

Native American hoop and powwow dancer Violet Duncan is known for her acclaimed storytelling and performances across the world. Duncan, who facilitates workshops to promote spiritual wellness and cultural education across the US, Canada, and Europe, is a proud member of the Plains Cree of Kehewin Cree Nation & Taino. She held the title of Miss Indian World in 2006 and was featured in Nelly Furtado’s music video Big Hoopsas the Native American Fancy Dancer. After becoming the mother of four children, Duncan saw a need for Native American representation in literature. Duncan took it upon herself to author the children’s books When We Dance and Let’s Hoop Dance!

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