Volunteer Profile: LuAnne Holladay

How did you first hear about the Lotus organization?
I first heard about Lotus when I attended the very first Lotus World Music and Arts Festival, waaaaaaay back in 1994. And I first was a volunteer, and then a Lotus staff member for 18 years or so.

What initially inspired you to volunteer for our organization?
I knew that the organization needed help, and I liked what Lotus was doing in the community — bringing gorgeous music, song, and dance from around the world to our town. I also love the people I’ve met through Lotus.

What volunteer jobs have you performed?
After retiring from the Lotus staff a little over a year ago, I continued volunteering. Though I mainly volunteer on the Lotus Blossoms Bazaar Committee, I also help with office tasks and anything else that needs done during the lead-up to the Festival.

Which volunteer experiences have you most enjoyed?  Why?
Hard to choose; I love my cohorts on the Bazaar Committee — it’s a great group of people, and we get to bring a little Lotus into the lives of about 1,500 grade-school kids, and that’s a blast. Helping out during the Festival — well, I’ve been doing that for 20 years now.  It’s hard to imagine not being part of the Lotus team in some way.

How would you describe to a friend why they should attend or volunteer for the Lotus Festival?
Why attend? Because there’s nothing else like it in Bloomington, or Indiana, or the Midwest, or maybe even the country: beautiful performances by amazing, talented people from around the world, right in downtown Bloomington. Lotus transforms our downtown into a little global village of arts and music and goodwill.  I’m proud to be part of the team that makes that happen.

What is your favorite Lotus moment?
Wow. So many.  Väsen (my favorite Swedes) on stage with Darol Anger and Mike Marshall. When the big Power of Pattern backdrop was first unveiled — I was part of that design team. And any/every Lotus Blossoms Bazaar: such a rush.

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