The Lotus Education and Arts Foundation offers a robust Visual Arts program alongside its music and dance activities, celebrating not only the world’s performing arts traditions but also cultural expression through textiles, sculpture, 2D and 3D media, photography, and other creative modes.  Lotus Visual Arts programs are offered year-round and emphasize participation, interactivity, community, education, and partnership in the creation and display of art works.

Guiding Principles:

  • Lotus visual art programs focus on community engagement and collaboration through participatory, hands-on arts programming.
  • Lotus visual art programs are accessible, reaching various sectors of our community, underserved groups and individuals, and participants of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.
  • Lotus seeks out the artistic capabilities of all, tapping into both individual and group creativity throughout our community.
  • Lotus visual art programs are mission-oriented and create connections to the artistic expression of local and global cultures.
  • Lotus visual art programs serve in support of its performing-arts programming.

Examples of Visual Art programs at Lotus may include:

  • Community and school workshops
  • Service-learning projects with schools/universities
  • Exhibits
  • Activity stations at the Lotus Blossoms World Bazaar
  • Community art projects (i.e., backdrops, etc.)
  • Lotus in the Park art camp and workshops
  • Festival Arts Village
  • Festival parades

Lotus Visual Arts Policies:

  • Lotus visual art programs and projects are volunteer-driven, under the auspices of Lotus staff and within a framework established by the organization’s strategic planning and annual budget.
  • Lotus may – from time to time and budget-permitting – engage the assistance of professional artists on a stipend basis, based on a specific area of expertise and/or skill set related to a visual arts project.
  • Exhibitions will typically focus on utilizing/mounting existing artifacts, with an emphasis on local/regional collections and relevance to the Lotus mission. Lotus exhibits are not commissioned or purchased. Exhibit planning will focus on developing partnerships to expand our resources and further our engagement with the community.
  • All artwork created under the auspices of Lotus becomes property of Lotus. Lotus reserves the right to use artworks in support of future programming, unless otherwise designated, and to divest items periodically in a way that supports the organization.
  • It is Lotus policy not to loan artworks for use by other community organizations or events. This policy exists to prevent loss and damage, to preserve the condition of items that may be needed for future Lotus events, and to reduce the administrative burden that a loan program creates for our small staff.  We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Lotus will consider donations of artworks, materials, and program supplies on a case by case basis. We appreciate your generosity, but please understand that limited storage capacity means we are not always able to store items that someone may wish to donate to our organization.