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Volunteer Voices

2606, 2017

Guest Blogger: Rob Shakespeare

June 26th, 2017|

We invite you to read why Lotus Education & Arts Foundation board president Rob Shakespeare is passionate about supporting the Lotus mission:
Lotus is such a gift to Bloomington, the surrounding counties, and to Indiana! I am so appreciative of serving on the board of this organization with its far reaching mission and impact.
The Festival is […]

1605, 2018

Volunteer Profile: Bill Holladay

May 16th, 2018|

How did you first hear about the Lotus organization
Lee told us about the very first one, which we attended. Been volunteering ever since the following week or so.
What initially inspired you to volunteer for our organization?
The first Lotus Festival was such a vibrant, exciting evening of music and community that it COULD NOT be a […]

1601, 2018

Volunteer Profile: Lynn Schwartzberg

January 16th, 2018|

How did you first hear about the Lotus organization?
I can’t remember, it’s been a long time!

What initially inspired you to volunteer for our organization?
We loved the event, volunteering is always my next logical step! I love working behind the scenes to help make events successful!

What volunteer jobs have you performed?
I worked my very first shift […]

1312, 2012

Volunteer Voices: Nick Clark

December 13th, 2012|

Nick Clark’s six-year stint as a Lotus volunteer began with our Lotus Blossoms Bazaar and ended with the Festival’s Venues Committee. He and his family – wife Janice and daughter Isabel — are leaving Bloomington for Oklahoma. Otherwise, we’d keep him on Team Lotus. [Above, Nick talks to Lotus Volunteer Coordinator Tamara Loewenthal at the 2011 Lotus Blossoms World Bazaar; photo by Lizzie Plant.] […]

1005, 2011

Volunteer Voices: Lizzie Plant

May 10th, 2011|

“Lotus took me from being a student to being a community member and Lotus advocate,” says volunteer Lizzie Plant. […]

1503, 2011

Volunteer Voices: Bill Holladay

March 15th, 2011|

Bill Holladay has been a Lotus enthusiast since the very first festival. Since then, he’s volunteered in a variety of positions. We talked to Bill about the experience of volunteering for Lotus for the past 17 years. […]

3101, 2011

Volunteer Voices: Brandi Host

January 31st, 2011|

It’s hard to see how Brandi Host has time to volunteer for Lotus – but she does. Brandi has been a stalwart festival volunteer, and is now on the board of directors for the Lotus Education and Arts Foundation. We asked her to talk about why she does it. […]