Volunteer Profile: Teri Watkins

How did you first hear about the Lotus organization?
I was downtown having dinner with friends and heard some wonderful music. Being naturally curious about it, I went to find it and found a big tent and parade. The next spring, I signed up at the Farmers Market booth to become apart of Lotus.

What initially inspired you to volunteer for our organization?
Initially, it was the chance to meet new people, as I was still fairly new to town. Then I was hooked by mission to bring world music, culture and art to our community.

What volunteer jobs have you performed?
Festival Store, 2-4 years; Volunteer Headquarters 5-12 years; Venues, 2 years; Summer Music Concert; Lotus Blossoms; Volunteer Support; Volunteer Steering Committee; and Edible Lotus.

Which volunteer experiences have you most enjoyed?  Why?
Working with kids at Lotus Blossoms was very rewarding. Seeing their little faces light up with possibilities that world can offer is amazing. I also enjoyed bringing new volunteers to Lotus.

How would you describe to a friend why they should attend or volunteer for the Lotus Festival?
I always tell people that Lotus festival has whatever you want.  Loud music, quiet music, art displays to look at, art displays to participate in, parades,  on-street food vendors.   People should volunteer if they want to be a part of the Bloomington art community.  There are so many things that bring people to Lotus. I have met some of my closest friends while volunteering at Lotus.

What is your favorite Lotus moment?
I have two favorite memories: The first was dancing during Red Baarat, with three friends. We were at the back of tent, and people we didn’t know kept joining in. By end of the song we had 20 people all dancing, hugging and laughing.  The second: Brandi and I were tearing down the Merchandise tent at 1 am, and Lee was nearby, when members of Hudsucker Posse walked by and encouraged him to try it. Lee Williams, trying to hula-hoop: a picture that will remain in my mind forever.

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