Volunteer Profile: Crystal Ritter

How did you first hear about the Lotus organization?
I first heard about Lotus through an Ethnomusicology Class that I was taking at Indiana University. If you signed up to volunteer at this music festival, Lotus, you would get extra credit. I looked into it and thought this sounds like something I would enjoy, so I signed up. I also was excited to find out that if I volunteered one night I would get to go the other night of the festival for free. Free music, extra credit, why not?

What initially inspired you to volunteer for our organization?
See above. I have continued to volunteer with Lotus because of all the people involved. I love how Lotus brings together so many different individuals to work together. There is a sense of community at Lotus that is different than anywhere else I have ever volunteered.

What volunteer jobs have you performed?
Everything!  Perimeter security, Lotus in the Park , Buskirk Chumley wristband checker, Artist Hospitality Manager, Festival Support Committee, Venues Committee, set-up, tear-down, Edible Lotus server, silent auction, and greeter, Lotus Blossoms booths, special events, etc…

Which volunteer experiences have you most enjoyed?  Why?    
I love being a part of the Venues Committee because I get to work with such amazingly talented people! Everyone on the committee brings something different to the table. Watching everything come together in a day and then disappear in a few hours is amazing. There is no way it could happen without all of the wonderful volunteers that I get the privilege to work with. There are always problems that come up but we always work together to find a solution. Serving on this committee has taught me so much.

How would you describe to a friend why they should attend or volunteer for the Lotus Festival?
You should volunteer for Lotus because sharing music and the arts with our community can do nothing but benefit our community. Lotus brings our community together to celebrate all the things that make Bloomington special and unique. Volunteering for even just a shift contributes to that.

What is your favorite Lotus moment?
I have so many favorite memories from Lotus, I do not think I can pick just one. Every year new memories get added, and I look forward to adding many more.

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