* Kat Domingo Memorial Artist *

Kaia performs jazz, spirituals, original compositions, improvisations, and songs from many cultural traditions around the globe. From haunting ballads to bawdy drinking songs, this Bloomington-based vocal ensemble explores aspects of the human experience: dance, religion, sex, death, politics, humor. At this year’s Lotus, they’ll perform on a showcase stage and lead a group singing workshop at Lotus in the Park.

The Kat Domingo Memorial Artist honors the memory of Dr. Katherine “Kat” Domingo, an advocate for the power of music to build bridges and community – in particular, through the beauty of the human voice.

Sponsored by Women of Lotus

Friday, Sept. 19

7 – 8 pm / First Presbyterian Church

Saturday, Sept. 20

12:15 – 1 pm / IU Global Education Pavilion, Lotus in the Park (Free)
7:50 – 8:30 pm / First United Methodist Church

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