2021 Virtual Lotus Blossoms World Bazaar

2021 Virtual Bazaar Guide

Welcome to the 2021 Lotus Blossoms Virtual World Bazaar! Yes, our Bazaar is different this year, not in-person as we would have wished. But we are really excited to share this version with you. If you have attended our in-person Bazaar in the past, you can envision entering the room, with colorful flags bursting from every corner and lines of tables set up with activities from around the world. As you try your hand at a craft or listen to lively music from our performers, you are inspired by all you see and learn. 

Normally, you would interact with knowledgeable presenters and volunteers who bring their activities to share, patiently explaining their process and showing you all the steps needed to create a beautiful piece of art. Or they would get you up dancing or show you how to make an instrument. This year, our presenters have spent hours of their time creating activity sheets to replicate some of what they would have done together with you. Without their time and commitment, we would not have these pages to share. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude for being our partners in this year’s Bazaar. With their help, we have done our best to emulate the special feeling of the Blossoms Bazaar through our virtual Bazaar that you can access below.

Click Here : Lotus Blossoms Virtual World Bazaar

Here are some hints for navigating the virtual bazaar: When you access the home page, you will see the activities listed on “clouds” surrounding the globe. If you start at the bottom left with Introducing Ghana and move clockwise, the activities can be navigated in the same order as the order of sheets in your packets. Click on a cloud and it will open up to the name of the presenter, with a link to their activity sheet, in color. If they have a video, you will also see a link to their video there.

You can navigate back to the home page of the Bazaar in several ways:

  1. Click the button that looks like a house on the right side of the page (hover your mouse on the right side of the screen to make the house appear).

  2. On the track line that runs below (at the bottom of) the page, slide the circle all the way to the left.

  3. If you have a touchpad, you can use it to zoom in or out on a particular activity, or home.

You can also use the arrows on the bottom of the page to go forward or backward. Again, the first page will be Introducing Ghana.

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