2021 Lotus Festival Volunteer T-shirt Designer: Brian Garvey

Photo: Sara McQueen, 2006

We are happy to introduce our 2021 Lotus Festival Volunteer T-shirt Designer, Brian Garvey. Please take a look at the wonderful t-shirt design he created for this year’s Festival Volunteers below. Also find a statement from Brian about his long-lasting dedication to Lotus. Thank you, Brian!

Lotus Festival Volunteer T-shirt Design, Bryan Garvey 2021

Statement from Brian:

I have volunteered for the Lotus festival for over 20 years, creating designs for various items such as T-shirts, venue banners and backdrops, and one year, a street mandala. I have also been a van driver, ticket seller, stage assembler and, best of all, worked with the incredible visual arts committee on various displays and interactive projects.

Volunteering has expanded my appreciation of the Lotus Festival by being involved with the behind the scenes collaboration that takes place long before the music begins. There is an energy with Lotus volunteers, a true working of community, and I have always liked being able to be in that good glow. It’s fun to share in the celebration of cultures, with artists both musical and visual, from Greene County to Ghana. I see the finished projects being enjoyed by the community, and of course, the dancing in the street and aisles.


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