Volunteer Profile: Lynn Schwartzberg

How did you first hear about the Lotus organization?
I can’t remember, it’s been a long time!

What initially inspired you to volunteer for our organization?
We loved the event, volunteering is always my next logical step! I love working behind the scenes to help make events successful!

What volunteer jobs have you performed?
I worked my very first shift at ticket sales with Malke. I worked there again a few times then at the info table the year of Katrina. It was amazing to welcome so many displaced people. I have been at the Festival Store since then, managing the store throughout the festival. I also volunteer at Edible Lotus, having a major role in running the food service side of the event.

Which volunteer experiences have you most enjoyed? Why?
I can’t decide. They have all been rewarding.

How would you describe to a friend why they should attend or volunteer for the Lotus Festival?
“If you love music, you can’t miss this event! You never know what types of music you will hear, since all music is World Music! And the warmth and friendliness of the crowd enhances the festival experience. “  As a volunteer, we are the engine that makes the festival run. It is so rewarding for me to know that my work helps festival goers have a great time!

What is your favorite Lotus moment (favorite band, street scene, etc)?
I can’t think of a moment, most have been spent volunteering, but I do know that I have made great friends through Lotus, that is something worth cherishing.

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