Thank you for a wonderful Lotus Blossoms 2015!

The 2015 edition of Lotus Blossoms has concluded and we would like to take the opportunity to extend our gratitude to everyone who made it possible!  Our thanks go out to all of our Blossoms sponsors and donors; to all of the volunteers who made the 20th World Bazaar a great success; and to all of our Blossoms liaisons who helped bring artists into schools and into the community. We are so grateful for your time, hard work, and dedication to sharing the world with our youngest arts audiences. Your passion for Lotus is what fuels our programming and we appreciate each and every one of you!

Your contributions, large and small, make our work possible. When you donate to Lotus, you commit to helping foster the love of the diversity of the world’s cultures in South Central Indiana. There are many ways to donate to Lotus. Click “Donate” for more information.