Introducing Lotus Blossoms 2015

What better way to welcome spring than with Blossoms! This February and March, the 2015 Lotus Blossoms line-up takes center stage in our schools and our community.  Lotus Blossoms is an educational outreach program that enables youth and community members alike to engage with artists from around the globe, developing an appreciation and respect for different cultural traditions and the people who bring them to life.

Lotus sprouted its first outreach efforts with the World Bazaar 20 years ago, which then blossomed into our full-fledged Lotus Blossoms program, reaching over 110,000 students since its inception. Gifted artists conduct programs in south-central Indiana schools and give area children the opportunity to experience music, song, dance, and storytelling from around the world. Alongside, community events allow the public to interact with artists in intimate settings, providing unique opportunities to learn about our world, while learning about ourselves in ways we can touch, feel, and enjoy.

We are excited to share this year’s roster of incredible talent that will represent music and arts of 5 countries and 4 continents. For more information about this year’s events, artists, and sponsorship opportunities, please visit our Lotus Blossoms page or click here.

Your contributions, large and small, make our work possible. When you donate to Lotus, you commit to helping foster the love of the diversity of the world’s cultures in South Central Indiana. There are many ways to donate to Lotus. Click “Donate” for more information.