We are thrilled to announce that long-time member of the Bloomington arts community Marc Tschida will join the Lotus team as the new operations & business manager. Marc, who was previously the managing director at Cardinal Stage Company, will be in charge of running sound for Lotus events, keeping the building in good shape, and handling financial agreements regarding events at the Firebay venue.

Lotus Executive Director Tamara Loewenthal said she is overjoyed to have someone join the team who has already proven a deep commitment to Lotus and the Bloomington arts community at large.

“We are so excited to have Marc join our Lotus team,” Tamara expressed. “Marc has worked for many local arts organizations and has a vast knowledge of the Bloomington arts scene.  He also has years of experience with running an event space.  His management of the Lotus Firebay promises to bring new constituents and collaborative partners into the space, and we look forward to seeing our mission expanded in 2020, with Marc’s expertise.”

In addition to attending the inaugural Lotus World Music Festival, Marc has volunteered with Lotus for over ten years as an artist liaison, emcee, and stage manager.

Marc’s involvement in the Bloomington arts community also includes a term as board president at WFHB, a three-year term as the performance and technical director for the Bloomington Area Arts Council, and his ownership of Press Puzzles, which retailed Marc’s handcrafted jigsaw puzzles.

“I am thrilled to formally join the Lotus Education & Arts Foundation as the operations & business manager,” Marc said. “I look forward to working with the staff, board, and volunteers that have, for over 25 years, played their part in making Bloomington the vibrant and welcoming community that it is today.”