Ready to order your Festival t-shirt? The time is now! This year, you can only buy your Festival T-shirt by pre-ordering it in advance. All proceeds after costs go to support the work of the Lotus organization.  In a year when ticket sales and sponsorships have been heavily impacted, your support via your purchase helps Lotus achieve its mission.

We’ll have two phased campaigns. The first begins on Wednesday, July 1 and ends on Sunday, July 26, at a cost of $30 each. The t-shirt, in either a fitted purple or a standard-cut blue option, is a very comfy tri-blend, with no shrinking expected. Shirts will be mailed out on August 7, so look for yours to arrive the following week.

The second campaign will begin on Thursday, August 20 and ends on Sunday, August 30. In the second round, shirts will cost $35 each. Those shirts will be mailed out on September 11, still in time for you to wear during the Festival. Remember, by purchasing a shirt, you help the Lotus organization continue its good work into the future.

Shipped Directly to Your Home:

If you would like your shirt shipped directly to your home, and pay for shipping, click here.

Pickup at Lotus (avoid shipping costs): 

If you would like to save money on shipping, and pick up your t-shirts at the Lotus building when they arrive, click here.

Shirts will be available on or after August 14 and hours for pickup will be sent out.