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Firebay Gallery Hours

December 15, 2022 @ 2:00 pm 6:00 pm EST

Lotus Firebay hosts Justin A. Carney’s photography exhibit, Those Left Behind.

Those Left Behind questions what bonds keep a family together, as well as drive them to separate, after a significant death. This is Justin Carney’s journey to understand the grief of his family members and himself, after the death of his grandmother, their mother. Michal Louise Carney was at the center of all their lives. She still is the center. Her death has shifted the dynamics of his family, one that he took for granted. It has changed how often they see each other, for how long, where, and in what context, and it has shifted the amount of effort it takes to get everyone together. Their connection has been fractured. 

The work focuses on a struggle with loss, coping with grief, as well as the joys of being alive and the intimate moments spent with family. Those Left Behind not only shows the effects of death but also visualizes a celebration of life. In capturing those intimate moments with family, as ordinary as they may appear, there is a realization of unity, of togetherness that death may change but never fully take away.

Lotus Education and Arts Foundation

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