Sones de México Ensemble was formed as a quartet in 1994 and through the years grew to a sextet of multi-instrumentalists. Today, the original founding members, Juan Díes and Gonzalo Cordova, are joined by Lorena Iñiguez, Zacbé Pichardo, Eric Hines, and Rudy Piñón to form the country’s premier folk music organization specializing in Mexican ‘son.’ All six members of Sones de Mexico Ensemble are educators and between them, they are skilled at over 80 traditional Mexican folk instruments. Their diverse repertoire, rich in colors, textures and rhythms demonstrates that there is more to Mexican music than mariachi! Each performance intertwines Mexican culture and heritage by featuring the regional styles of huapango, gustos, chilenas, and son jarocho through original arrangements and new compositions. Whether they are performing for school children or in front of sold-out audiences across the country, their concerts entertain the senses and explore the riches of Mexican music, dance and culture.

Public performance:
“Beyond the Music: A Musical Geography of Mexico”
Wednesday, April 5, 7:00pm

Mathers Museum of World Cultures
This program is sponsored in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts

Residency dates: April 5-7
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