Sahba Motallebi is a modern virtuoso of the tar and setar, lute-like stringed instruments central to Iranian music. She is also recognized as an innovator in the teaching of Persian music; her pioneering efforts to put instructional materials on the Internet and to teach students online have inspired something of a renaissance in the transmission of this ancient art form. Persian percussionist Naghmeh Farahmand is the daughter of Iranian percussion master Mahmoud Farahmand; she started playing tonbak (goblet drum) at the age of 6 and now plays an impressive array of percussion instruments from around the globe. She also plays the santoor (hammered dulcimer), Iran’s national instrument. Together, Motallebi and Farahmand will introduce Lotus audiences to one of the world’s great musical traditions.

Presented in partnership with the IU Center for the Study of the Middle East and the IU Inner Asian & Uralic National Resource Center.

Friday, September 29
SaturdaySeptember 30
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