Pan-Latin Dance Music / US

Nosotros has been drawing music lovers to their distinctive Latin groove for over 20 years. What began as a guitar trio in 1994 quickly took on a life of its own, becom- ing one of the most recognizable and original Latin bands in the Southwest United States. The band’s remarkable evolution over the years – taking on new members and leadership along the way – has resulted in the Latin music powerhouse it is today. The group seamlessly combines a myriad of Latin rhythms with elements of rock, salsa, jazz, and cumbia, creating an innovative and imaginative Latin sound that is unique, engaging and unmistakably Nosotros.

One World Dance Hall features Maria Van Hoff and Ian Herrman dance instructors

Sponsored by Loren Wood Builders

Friday, Sept. 29 Waldron Auditorium

Saturday, Sept. 30 Waldron Auditorium

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