Since they first got together in 1982 in a tiny village near Angiers, France, Lo’Jo have been one of the most eclectic, eccentric, and mesmerizing musical collectives that Europe has produced. Like their British contemporaries the Mekons, Lo’Jo is a globetrotting legend filled with musical shapeshifters who have gone through many incarnations. They have incorporated theater and visual art into their music since the beginning. Led by charismatic songwriter Denis Péan, Lo’Jo has collaborated with street theater groups and circuses, performed in West Africa and the Sahara, and taken to festival stages in Europe and North America.  Lo’Jo reimagines classic French chanson and spikes it with sounds and instruments from all over the world.  They first wowed Lotus audiences way back in 2000.

Presented in partnership with the IU Department of French & Italian.

Friday, September 29
SaturdaySeptember 30
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