Double BBC Folk Award nominees Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker infuse ageless stories of love and loss with their exquisite command of many instruments.  Josienne was born in Sussex and Ben, in Evesham; it was after studying in London, and utterly by chance, that they met in July 2009. Together they have resolutely forged their own path through traditional music.  Whether interpreting words centuries old or singing her own authentic lyrics, Josienne’s jewel-like voice finds nuance in the simplest phrase, while Ben’s musical tact and flair for arrangement provide the perfect setting for the song to shine.  Their first major album together reached No. 1 on the UK Amazon folk chart, and they have also received the Isambard Folk Award, the FATEA Award for Best Album and Female Vocalist of the Year, and the Spiral Earth Award for Best Duo, as well as coveted Radio 2 folk award nominations for Best Newcomers and Best Duo.

Friday, September 16: Lotus Friday Evening Showcase
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Presented in partnership with Friends of Old Time and Celtic Music.