Fiddle ‘n’ Feet

With Jamie Gans on fiddle and Tamara Loewenthal on feet, Fiddle-n-Feet is committed to presenting the very best in percussive dance and traditional Celtic and North American countries. The duo dances, sings, and plays a variety of instruments, including fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitar, and jaw harps. Live performances showcase a variety of step dance styles ranging from American clogging, to English wooden shoe clogging, to French-Canadian reels and waltes. The pair plays music styles from Old Time Appalachian to Irish to French Canadian. Fiddle-n-Feet also teach percussive and traditional styles of dance, and calls and play music for square and contra dances. Whether drumming with feet or with hands against their bodies, rhythm is an important component of Fiddle-n-Feet’s work and engages its audiences in the joy of movement and sound.

Fiddle ‘n’ Feet is the featured performer for the Lotus Blossoms World Bazaar School Day on March 31.