Clint Bear started building acoustic guitars in 2001 after almost 35 years of playing, repairing and tinkering with electric and acoustic guitars. His lutherie skills evolved from woodworking skills honed during several decades in homebuilding, remodeling, and cabinet making; in addition, his work in his family jewelry business provided skills in detail work that directly apply to guitar making.  Clint applies elements of both new and old design philosophies to his guitars, and is particularly inspired by old “Pre-War” Martins and Gibson flattops. “The woods actually dictate what type of guitar they become,” he notes. “No two guitars are ever the same. When my guitars are played, I want the beauty of the music to attain its full potential.”  Clint names his different models after sites in in Jefferson Co., Indiana, where he resides.

Saturday, September 17:  Lotus in the Park
Schedule subject to change.

Indiana is celebrating its 200th birthday throughout 2016. As part of the statewide Bicentennial Celebration, Traditional Arts Indiana will feature the works of four Indiana instrument makers as well as the traveling exhibit “Indiana Folk Art: 200 Years of Tradition and Innovation.” This 24-panel traveling exhibit, includes the work of more than 45 artists from throughout Indiana. At Lotus in the Park, TAI will showcase four master instrument makers dedicated to diverse traditional art forms found in our state.  Artisans include Bruce Taggart (Mandolin/Fiddle Builder), Clint Bear (Guitar Maker), Bill Berg (Dulcimer Builder), and Tony Artis (African Drum Maker). In addition to informative panels and ongoing artisan demonstrations, the exhibit also features workshops with each of the artisans at the Education Pavilion throughout the day. Lotus is proud to partner with Traditional Arts Indiana through the Indiana Bicentennial Commission to commemorate the history and future of arts and culture in the state.bicentennial-IAC-combo-web

(Image credit: Madison Courier, 2004)