Aar Maanta (born Hassan-Nour Sayid) is a Somali-British singer, songwriter, producer, and actor. Maanta spent his early years in Somalia, but on the eve of the civil war in the 1980s, he moved to the UK. Some describe his music as “afro-hop”:afro because it’s African music and hop because it hops among Somali styles and such genres as  jazz, reggae, and house music. His is the music and the voice of a new generation. “Aar Maanta aims to make music that reaches uprooted Somalis, which addresses the unique issues of those living outside of their homeland” (MPR News).   His wildly international touring band includes Italian bass player Ruth Goller, British/Caribbean saxophonist Josh Cutler, French guitarist Thibaut Remy, and Nepalese/Scottish drummer Pharoah Smeaton Russell.