Singer, Aoife Scott

Aoife Scott Band

Aoife Scott is an acclaimed folk singer and songwriter hailing from Dublin, Ireland. Born into a renowned musical family, Aoife's upbringing immersed her in the rich traditions of Irish music. Together with her bandmates Andy Meaney on guitar and Joanna Hyde on fiddle, Aoife’s music moves from ethereal to vibrant in the course of a song and has an emotional depth that pulls in audiences of all ages. Aoife has won numerous awards for her talent including the 2017 “Song of the Year” from the Irish Folk Music Awards. The Aoife Scott Band is the 2024 Jamie Gans Blossoms Artist.

Photo of Chinobay


Born in Uganda, Chinobay’s musical journey is deeply rooted in the rich traditions of Buganda musicians. The rhythms that emanated from the Kanyange king's palace, just a stone's throw from his childhood home, formed the backdrop of his early years and this immersive musical environment left an indelible mark on him. Today, having toured over 75 countries, he is a seasoned songwriter, a dedicated educator, and a bridge-builder between cultures. His original compositions breathe life into the diverse stories of humanity, showcasing Africa in its full spectrum of richness- transcending its portrayal merely as a backdrop for adversity.

Band Making Movies

Making Movies

Making Movies blends pulsing Afro-Latino rhythms, psychedelic jams and rock ’n’ roll swagger into powerful live performances, full of theatrics and cathartic climaxes. Armed with the ambitious and politically charged 2017 release I Am Another You — “lyrically and sonically one of the best albums of the year,” NPR raved — and a companion EP, You Are Another Me, the Kansas City band punches out one high-energy song after another. The foursome showcases their Latin American roots, with frontman Enrique Chi incorporating traditional instruments like the Panamanian mejorana alongside electric guitar, or the Chaurand brothers swapping drums and percussion for a dueling zapateado huasteco, a traditional form of dance from Veracruz, Mexico. The band’s political idea is straightforward enough that they can express it in four words: “We are all immigrants.”

Swedish folk band Northern Resonance

Northern Resonance

Northern Resonance is a Swedish string trio consisting of viola d’amore, hardanger fiddle and nyckelharpa. Their take on Scandinavian music combines the best of newly composed folk music and embeds it in a chamber-music like setting, creating an original and dynamic musical landscape. Lotus audiences know that Väsen has played in Bloomington several times over the years. Northern Resonance’s three members have all had Mikael Marin and Olov Johansson as teachers while studying at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Their debut album, released in 2022, was nominated for a Swedish Grammy. Lotus is excited to present Northern Resonance for Blossoms in their Bloomington debut.

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