As we prepared for the 2023 Lotus Festival, Tamara Loewenthal, Lotus Artistic Director, received a heartwarming phone call from Lotus Super Fan, Annie Miller.

Annie told Tamara that she and her dad, Daniel Miller, had been attending the Lotus Festival since she was 11 years old and that her dad had been attending since year two or three of the Festival. Annie said her dad always brought his music students to the Festival.

“It’s a very special event to us,” Annie said.

Unfortunately Annie and Daniel – who live in Syracuse, New York – were not able to attend the 2023 Lotus Festival due to Daniel’s health. Annie called Tamara to ask if they could still purchase Festival t-shirts and have their wristbands mailed to them to add to her dad’s collection.

“I am looking forward to as many more Lotus Fests as I can get with my dad. I hope next year is one of them,” Annie said. 

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