Lotus Story: LuAnne & Bill Holladay

"We give because Bloomington wouldn't be Bloomington without Lotus...and Lotus wouldn't be Lotus without Bloomington."

Lotus is so grateful for the support shown by the many in Bloomington and beyond! Whether it’s through volunteerism, generous gifts, the lending of resources to put on a music festival, championing Lotus Blossoms, or all the above, it truly takes a community to present year-round global music and arts programming.
Lotus celebrates each gift, from first time donors to long-time supporters and donors Bill & LuAnne Holladay. Hear from them why they choose to donate to Lotus:

We donate to Lotus every year, above and beyond buying tickets, for the same reasons we volunteer every year: it’s a well-run organization; we believe in the value of the arts in general and the Lotus mission in particular; and it puts on great events...But more than anything else, we give because Bloomington wouldn’t be Bloomington without Lotus. We truly believe that. For more than 25 years, Lotus has brought the world to Bloomington and broadened our horizons, musically and culturally. It has helped shape who we are, collectively, as a community. But this works the other way, too: Lotus wouldn’t be Lotus without Bloomington. This town embraced the Lotus mission in 1994 and that enthusiasm has never waned. The interrelationship makes Lotus unique…and it’s why we can no longer imagine Bloomington without it.

Thank you, Bill and LuAnne, for your unflagging support. Lotus feels the love!

Consider giving a gift to Lotus to enable us to make Bloomington a unique, vibrant place that celebrates the diversity of the world’s cultures through music and arts programming all year long.

Your contributions, large and small, make our work possible. When you donate to Lotus, you commit to helping foster the love of the diversity of the world’s cultures in South Central Indiana. There are many ways to donate to Lotus. Click “Donate” for more information.