2021 Lotus Festival Fabulous Fest Fan Winners

Thank you Fabulous Fest Fan winners for sharing your Festival photos and memories! We love seeing these special moments!

Jill Courtney and Family: Here’s a family photo! Two local music teachers and their kids enjoying a gorgeous Lotus family day at Switchyard Park! (Not visible in the photo is that I’m wearing my favorite Lotus shirt from 2010, designed by Joel Washington, who is a family friend of ours. We ran into Joel there today, and I’m bummed I only thought of it after the fact that I should have gotten a photo with Joel while wearing this shirt!) Lotus in the Park is always great, but it was especially nice this year to have something Covid-friendly to do, for the elementary kids who can’t be vaccinated yet. Switchyard was a great venue for this event. Also, thanks for offering a livestream option on Friday, which was great for families like mine. Thank you as always to the Lotus folks and all the volunteers who make it possible!

Shawn and Jennifer Blythe: Love volunteering with Lotus every year! This is my 7th year and my husband’s 3rd year!

Serena and Molly Loewenthal: This is truly a Lotus baby! Thank you, Serena, for sharing this joyful image!!

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