The First Annual Lotus Lantern Walk took place last Friday, December 4. People who had crafted either wooden-frame lanterns or Chinese lanterns came together to walk with their lighted lanterns from the Lotus HQ to the Bloomington Banquet sculpture on the B-line. Once there, we gathered in a circle to sing some traditional lantern songs.

Special thanks to Bill Morgan and Stephanie Heidemann for leading the singing and to Linda Handelsman for notating the music for the lantern songs.

The Lantern Walk is one of two activities that Lotus organized in connection with the Lotus Lantern and Luminaria Project. The second event takes place on Monday, December 21. On the longest night of the year, Lotus invites you to shine a light in the darkness by lighting your lantern and placing it in a window from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., for all to see.

In conjunction with sharing your light, think about making a gift to a food pantry or a shelter. These are hard times for lots of folks and our gifts make a difference. If you have not yet picked up materials for putting together a lantern, it’s not too late. Please contact the Lotus Office to up your lantern kit(s), specifying the type of lantern or luminaria.

Click HERE for more information about the Lotus Lantern & Luminaria Project

Click HERE to see a video of the Lotus Lantern Workshops


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