Volunteer Profile: Judy Farnsworth

How did you first hear about the Lotus organization?
I don’t remember how I heard about the volunteer call out. I did have friends who volunteered in the first year or so. Malke Rosenfeld was the volunteer.coordinator, my first year.

What initially inspired you to volunteer for our organization?
It seemed like it would be fun, and I got a free night.

What volunteer jobs have you performed?
I have sold tickets, set up, worked the warehouse, and artist hospitality, as well as Lotus Blossoms, and Edible Lotus.

Which volunteer experiences have you most enjoyed?  Why?
I like set up, although I’m losing my strength for some of the heavier lifting. I like the variety of tasks. One time, we got to put colored tape on the mics, for the sound company – that was fun.

How would you describe to a friend why they should attend or volunteer for the Lotus Festival?
It’s a great way to connect with happy people doing creative things.

What is your favorite Lotus moment?
Hard to choose: Keb Mo’ up close. Jake Shimabukuro up close. March 4th Marching Band both in the parade and in the tent. And Strange Fruit, those people from Australia on the poles.

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