Meet Lotus' Inaugural Advisory Board!

Please welcome Lotus’s inaugural Advisory Board! This esteemed group of community leaders (click here for full list) comprises former Lotus Board members, long-time volunteers, and other dedicated supporters who have signed on to officially serve as resources for the LEAF organization and as Lotus ambassadors around town.

“The LEAF Advisory Board represents a pool of experience and knowledge, as it relates to Lotus and our community, that is an invaluable resource to the active board,” explains current Board president Doug Eibling. “We are extremely lucky to have their passion for our programming, their perspective on our history, and their connections in the community available to us as we navigate new chapters in the life of Lotus. I am confident they will help to keep us grounded in the traditions of Lotus while encouraging LEAF to explore new avenues to share our mission with more people.”

They all got together for the first time on March 31st, along with members of Lotus’s current Board of Directors, and the energy in the room was truly inspiring. It’s clear that we can expect great things from this great group!

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