More Lotus, for more people, all year round!
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 To take a tour of the space or learn more, please contact Development Director Megan Hutchison at 812-336-6599 or [email protected]

Rogers Street Reimagined

For almost 25 years, the Lotus Education & Arts Foundation has worked with hundreds of musicians, artists and volunteers to host our annual World Music & Arts Festival and to implement year-round arts and music programming in schools, community centers and with social service agencies. In all of that time, Lotus has worked without a permanent home; instead, our staff has been forced to host all of our programs and events at different sites all around Bloomington. We always planned to have our own space for the work that we do and thanks to an old fire station and to this campaign, we can finally make those plans into reality in time for our 25th anniversary in September 2018.

In 2015, the City of Bloomington transferred to Lotus the deed to a decommissioned historic fire station located at 105 S. Rogers Street. With the funding raised from this campaign and from supporters LIKE YOU, this building will be turned into a large, inviting, and accessible  space that can be used to meet different needs. Just think: in this one space we could host small concerts, after-school art programs, workshops, demonstrations, exhibits, classes, receptions, and more. This new space means expanding the Lotus audience and growing artistic programming . . . more Lotus, for more people, all year round.

Phase 1: Renovating the First Floor

When you walk into the downstairs space today, it is simply two big, open fire bays—essentially a garage—with dingy walls, a bare concrete floor, and some rough shelving; one tiny restroom; and a couple of utility rooms. Worse still, the gas-fired heater has a cracked heat exchanger, which means the downstairs is currently unusable in winter.

In order to bring this space up to par and to make it usable for our different needs, the funding from this campaign will be used to:

  • Update Infrastructure: electrical wiring, insulation, and new heating and air conditioning.
  • Install drywall and fresh paint, a flexible grid-based lighting system, moveable acoustic wall panels, and blackout curtains and window shades.
  • Build out wood framing for the walls and replace the giant bay doors, including their windows and headers, for better insulation and weatherproofing.
  • Update restroom to ADA standards

With your support and the support of our friends and neighbors, we will remodel the space into a functional and flexible venue that welcomes our entire community through its big bay doors. When those doors are open, they will send the message that something inspiring is happening inside.

At Lotus, everyone is welcome.

Community engagement is at the heart of how we work at Lotus. Every year our 600 volunteers help with the Lotus World Music & Arts Festival, and with year-round programs like the Lotus Blossoms Educational Outreach Program. Through that program alone we work with over 20 schools like Fairview Elementary School and with community organizations like Stone Belt.

Lotus activities reflect core community values, including freedom of expression and a local identity heavily informed by engagement with the wider world. With this new space, we will be able to expand those activities, while also offering a much needed small-event venue for Bloomington. Keeping the space simple and open will allow Lotus staff to work collaboratively with neighbors and supporters to vision the future of this space, so that it continually meets the needs of our community.

Please join as in our mission to create opportunities to experience, celebrate, and explore the diversity of the world’s cultures, through music and the arts.

Click to make a donation now!  To take a tour of the space or learn more, please contact Development Director Megan Hutchison at 812-336-6599 or [email protected]


Renderings by Mike Tomic and Jacob Mosier, in partnership with Ivy Tech Community College and instructor Vanessa Babcock.