Lotus is pleased to partner with Bloomington Brewing Company, Upland Brewing Company, and One World Catering to provide beer, wine, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages for Festival-goers in the big tents (evenings, Fri/Sat). At Lotus in the Park on Saturday afternoon, jump on over to the Chocolate Moose to enjoy afternoon delights and local food trucks.  More food trucks will also be on-site Friday and Saturday evenings at our new Lotus Food Truck Village on W. Kirkwood (south side of the Square)!

What’s available where?

Pictura Gallery/Old National Bank Tent:
Bloomington Brewing Co.:  Kirkwood Cream Ale, Ruby Bloom Amber Ale, 10-Speed Hoppy Wheat, Quarrymen Pale Ale
One World Catering:  Red/White Wines, Soft Drinks, Water, Popcorn, Cookies

Ivy Tech Community College Tent:
Upland Brewing Co.: Upland Wheat, Dragonfly, Champagne Velvet and Oktoberfest on tap; Oliver Shiraz and Oliver Pinot Grigio; Soft Drinks, Water

Lotus in the Park to Chocolate Moose:
It’s a short one-block walk from the Park to 401 S Walnut St., where you can enjoy everything the Moose has to offer! Check out their menu here: http://moosebtown.com/menu/

Food Truck Village
NEW for 2015, the Lotus Food Truck Village on W. Kirkwood (south side of the Square) offers diverse, on-the-go treats to feed the lively downtown scene.  Food and beverage options available — stop by and sample!  Open during Festival evening activities, approx. 6:00pm until just before midnight.

KEY- GF: Gluten Free, V: Vegetarian, V+: Vegan

beas soda bar-01

Bea’s Soda

Bea’s Soda Bar is a mobile retro soda fountain serving handcrafted natural sodas, unique drinks, treats, and gourmet diner food made from locally and organically sourced ingredients. #farmtofizz @beafizzy


  • Natural Sodas, Choose From:
    • Wild Root Beer
    • Honey Blossom Creme Soda
    • Smoked Maple Peach
    • Lavender
  • Bubble Teas, Choose From:
    • Thai Tea
    • Thai Coffee
    • Peach Green Tea
  • Bacon Caramel Apple Cider with Brown Sugar Whipped Cream
  • Sage Apple Cobbler with Whipped Cream
  • Ginger Molasses Sandwich Cookies with Mascarpone & FROG Jam

Gravy Train

Gravy Train

Gravy Train features slow cooked comfort foods with a modern twist


  •             Pork Belly Cuban: Slow cooked, thick-cut pork belly, hickory smoked ham topped with melted Swiss cheese, whole grain mustard, and house pickled zucchini
    served on Cuban bread.
  •             Honey Bourbon Chicken: Roasted chicken served in a honey-bourbon sauce on ciabatta with lettuce, red onion, and sriracha mayo.
  • (V)       Beer Cheese Nachos: Tortilla chips smothered in homemade beer cheese made using sharp cheddar, Helios Pale Ale, veggies and topped with sour cream, green onion, and sriracha-garlic chicken. Available with Chicken.

Great White Smoke

Great White Smoke

We serve authentic BBQ smoked fresh nightly using locally sourced beef and pork over native Indiana hardwoods like cherry, hickory and maple. All of our meat takes a minimum of 13 hours to cook so don’t miss out! Every menu item is Gluten Free when you ask for no bun.


  • (GF)  Brisket Sandwich or Nachos
  • (GF)  Burnt End Sandwich or Nachos (Brisket)
  • (GF)  Pulled Pork Sandwich or Nachos
  • (GF)  Ribs (4-5 bones)

Sides Available:

  • (V+)  Smoked Green Beans
  •          Smoked Baked Beans
  • (V)    Potato Salad
  • (V)    Cole Slaw

Juanchos Munchies

Juancho’s Munchies

We are the first establishment in Bloomington, IN to serve authentic Venezuelan cuisine. All of our food is made fresh daily, we use organic products, and the Arepas are 100% Gluten Free


  • (V)    Tequeño are Venezuelan cheese sticks wrapped on a crispy, homemade dough.  They are served with our Latin Mayo Garlic sauce.
  •          Arepas are corn flatbread that are freshly grilled before serving and then stuffed with your choice of fillings:
    • Vegetariana: Shredded White Cheese, Shredded Cheddar Cheese, and (V)
    • Reina Pepiá: Shredded Chicken, Mayo, and Avocado. The most traditional Arepa!
    • Pelúa: Shredded Beef and Shredded Cheddar Cheese.
    • Pernil: Shredded Pork and Shredded White Cheese.
    • Catira: Shredded Chicken and Shredded White Cheese.

La Poblana

La Poblana:

We have built a complete Puebla kitchen on wheels. All of our dishes are direct translations of traditional Puebla, MX recipes using fresh ingredients and the exact same spices we use in Puebla.


  •             Tacos
  •             Burrito
  •             Torta

            With Your Choice of: Steak, Chicken, Al Pastor, Chorizo, Veggie

Additional Sides Available:

            Chips, Salsa, Rice, Beans, Horchata, Jarito

Rush Hour

Rush Hour Station

Serving fresh and quality Asian Fusion Food on the go!  From Banh Mi (aka sandwich) to Curry…Vegan and Vegetarian friendly


  •             Gyoza: Grilled pork & chicken dumplings top with ginger sauce
  • (V+)    Seaweed Salad: Sesame Vinaigrette Seaweed Salad (Vegan)
  •             Banh Mi (aka Sandwich) or Wrap (Flour Tortilla): comes w/ fresh carrot, cilantro, cucumber, daikon, sautéed onion, mayo, pate* (pork spread), optional jalapeno.
    • With Your Choice of: Beef BBQ, Pork Asian BBQ (Contains Shellfish), Chicken Lemongrass, Tofu Lemongrass (V+)
  • (GF)    Massaman Curry: choice of chicken or tofu (V+) comes with onion, peanut, sweet potato, bell pepper and Jasmine Rice.

 Uel Zing

Uel Zing Coffee

Super strong, super smooth cold brew coffee—enjoy iced or hot! Locally roasted black coffee w/ organic half & half, coconut creamer, and cane sugar available. Vegan & Gluten Free.

Menu (All V+,GF):

  •  Cold Brew Iced Coffee: $2 or $3
  • Cold Brew Hot Coffee: $2, $2.50, $3
  • Cold Brew CONK Shot: $1