tUnE-yArDs is fresh, avant-garde, experimental, groovy, poppy, funky — pick a word to describe Merrill Garbus’s band and a reviewer somewhere in the world has already used it. Garbus and her collaborator, bassist (and Bloomington native) Nate Brenner, along with a changing array of bandmates, have found a worldwide audience for “a lovably scrappy, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink aesthetic that is distinctly their own” (SPIN). The music, impossible as it is to pigeonhole, is driven by a relentless, danceable groove that comes from Garbus’s percussion and powerful vocals — and her electric live performances. “There’s genius in this ongoing struggle between the orderly and the unknown: Even when it’s hard to tell where she’s going, you follow Garbus, curiosity fully activated. Because more often than not, the haywire swerves lead to the music equivalent of a breathtaking vista — that elusive pop ecstasy that defies description” (NPR First Listen). Lotus fan tip: If you’re not already familiar with Merrill Garbus, be sure to check out a couple of videos to whet your appetite and get hip to tUnE-yArDs.


Saturday, Sept. 26

Pictura / Old National Bank Tent on 6th St., 9-10:15pm

Presented in partnership with Women of Lotus.