This young trio’s stunning virtuosity is matched with a deep devotion to the language of music – specifically choro, a traditional Brazilian genre marked by intricate, lively rhythms, gorgeous melodies, and improvisation. Trio Brasileiro includes Douglas Lora on the violão 7 cordes (7-string guitar); Tim Connell on bandolim (a kind of mandolin); and percussionist Alexandre Lora on pandeiro (a kind of tambourine). Trio Brasileiro is dedicated to performing the great traditional choro music of Brasil by Jacob do Bandolim, Ernesto Nazareth and others, as well as their own compositions, which are modern reflections of that great traditional musical form. “Three men, three instruments, but their music sounds like a much larger ensemble!” (Hearth Music)

Saturday, Sept. 26

Lotus in the Park, Main Stage from 4:15-5pm
First Presbyterian Church, 9-10:15pm

TRIO BRASILEIRO – Divertimento para Gigi (Dudu Maia) – Live at Empty Sea Studios