Chilean singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and musical activist Nano Stern brings audiences to their feet, makes them dance, laugh or cry — with nothing but a guitar and his voice. The grandson of Jewish refugees, Stern has created a sound that incorporates rock attitude, the mid-century folk reverberations of his homeland, and classical and jazz techniques. He explores the complexities of the personal and political, and finds new ways to play with Chile’s long-repressed roots music. It’s a mix that also captures the indigenous, African, and European elements that define Latin music. “I am extremely respectful of the tradition,” he says. “I try to learn from or study with the people who know this music. It’s an enormous gift we received from the people of the past, from the tradition itself. Yet I’m disrespectful. I think it should be open to all kinds of promiscuity, to every sound getting together with everything else. That’s when things get truly beautiful.”

Saturday, Sept. 26

Ivy Tech Community College Tent on 4th Street, 7:15-8:30pm

Presented in partnership with IU Latino Studies Program

Nano Stern – Vapor