Fanfaraï joins together a cultural mix of 14 musicians for a colorful explosion North African music. The Paris-based group grew in 2005 out of a smaller Algerian street band, adding musicians from France, Morocco, and India who share a passion for what they call “the traditions of festive wanderings.” Brasses, horns, and traditional percussion blend with Arab, Berber, Afro-Cuban, and Latin influences to create big, bold music for the public square (Lotus parade, anyone?). Fanfaraï draws on popular brass-band repertoire, salsa, jazz, and funk, as well as the heritage of “Idbalen” and “Zernadjia” – itinerant street musicians who have animated Algerian rituals and feasts since the turn of the 20th century. Boasting a motto “to learn from one another and to share with all,” Fanfaraï’s music embodies an energetic, cheerful diversity – as lively and varied as the trajectories of the musicians themselves.

Friday, Sept. 25

Ivy Tech Community College Tent on 4th Street, 10:45-12am

Saturday, Sept. 26

Parade Downtown Bloomington, 8:30pm
Ivy Tech Community College Tent on 4th Street, 10:45-12am

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Presented in partnership with IU African Studies.

FANFARAÏ – Taous et El H’mam