Lotus Blossom Limestone Relief

Artist: Sidney Bolam


Sidney Bolam has always been fascinated by stone.  The local carver works in Indiana limestone and focuses on relief carvings. “Southern Indiana has some of the finest stone for carving in the world,” Sidney explains. Many of Sidney’s pieces are inspired by historical stone carvings. Sidney studied fine arts, anthropology and art history at Indiana University, all of which influence her carvings. While many stone carvers do large permanent works that would be unattainable to the individual art collector, the largest of Sidney’s carvings can be picked up and moved by a person or two, making them perfect for homes and gardens. “My style of rendering is unique,” says Sidney, “and influenced from my time as a painter and illustrator.” Besides her limestone relief sculptures, Sidney also carves small sculptures and pendants out of soapstone and chlorite.