Title: Carmichael Overpass 7

June 27, 2017

From a series of photographs of the recently completed Section 4 of I69 to the south of Bloomington called I69: Section 4, The Architecture of Highways. This work is an exploration of the landscape of the highway and the land around the new highway that has been so severely effected by the construction.

The images were all generated by the use of a large format film camera. After developing the film the negatives were scanned to create digital files, converting the process into a digital workflow through the making of prints via an inkjet printer. This allows me to take advantage of the discipline and rigor of photographing the landscape in a deliberate, almost meditative, process compelled by the large format camera. By then working in the digital workspace for the remainder of the process I am able to utilize the latest technology in the creation of my prints.

The building of this highway has been controversial, sometimes divisive, project. This continues to be played out as Section 5 is being build through Bloomington, on up to Martinsville. This photographic project is not an attempt to participate in the polemics of either side of the controversy. It is intended to merely document the results of the process – to show the highway as architecture or even as a form of public art as it slices through mile after mile of the Indiana landscape.

Michael A. Finger