Lotus allows buskers and street performers into the Festival perimeter who wish to share their talents with the crowds who come downtown.  However, Lotus does not engage in any formal contracts or compensation arrangements for this “street scene.”

We just ask the following:

·       That street performers abide by local laws regarding busking, safety, etc.

·       That street performer activities do not interfere with Festival infrastructure or Festival performances.

·       That street performers respectfully abide by any requests or directives from Lotus staff, Lotus volunteers, and/or Lotus security personnel or police.

Please note that Lotus cannot and will not assume any liability for street performer activities.  All street performer activities are entirely at your own risk and responsibility.

Because street performer activities are not affiliated with Lotus, street performers are not eligible for Lotus badges/ID tags or special access to any Lotus events or facilities.  Entry to Festival venues requires independent ticket/wristband purchase.

Please review or download our 2016 street closing map below, so that you can see which areas will be pedestrian-only and where venues or Festival infrastructure is located — this may help you decide where you might want to set up. 

Click to enlarge/download map

Click to enlarge/download map

Lotus encourages all buskers and street performers to consider making use of the NEW pedestrian “Food Truck Village” block on Kirkwood along the south edge of the Square.  Closed to vehicle traffic in the evenings on Fri & Sat, this block is now part of the Festival Perimeter; it will have great foot-traffic and provides plenty of space for your activities and energies. (Evenings only; the block re-opens to traffic during the days.) 

Lotus asks that all street performers please AVOID the block in front of the Buskirk-Chumley Theater between Walnut and Washington streets.  Apologies, but we have had complaints of too much congestion in this area.


Also, performance schedules are now available on our website to help you determine when there will be bigger crowds in the streets, i.e., between sets. Since there may be several buskers and street performers “vying” for the same high-visibility spots, we hope that folks will work it out amongst themselves in a mutually respectful way.

Finally, just a reminder that merchant activity/vending (i.e. selling CDs, products, etc.) of any kind is not permitted inside the Festival perimeter or within a 1-block radius of this perimeter.  Any vending outside of this zone requires the usual City permit(s).

Best wishes for your Festival-weekend planning!