Bread Making Workshop + Lunch with Rob Shakespeare

Come bake Rustic Organic White Whole Wheat loaves with me!

1. Arrive late morning and assist in forming high hydration loaves from fermented sour dough.

2. Enjoy a light lunch with Chateau Shakespeare Rose or Brew.. or tap water.

3. Discuss the Artisanal and ancient methods of naturally leavened bread making while dough rises.

4. Help prepare the oven (heat will be about 600F hearth and 630F dome).

5. Learn how to use a peel and help load  9 loaves and steam the oven.

6. Test internal bread temperature for ideal crumb texture.


Take home 4 x 1-1/3 lb.  loaves, natural starter, and recipes for regular oven baking.


I bake on WEEKDAYS about every two weeks. Bake day is weather dependent and I will do my best to accommodate your schedule.  Experience good through November. Please note I am an enthusiastic amateur baker.

Plan 11:30 am through about 4:00 pm for a fun and informative hands-on experience with delicious results. (extra loaves freeze well).